Argentina has endless special features to offer you. Its people, its food and traditional dances, like the tango; its varied landscapes, its history and culture, and the character that each region preserved and developed over time. All this makes the country an amazing destination.

Several areas were declared Natural and Cultural World Heritage by UNESCO. The geography of the country offers great contrasts with its vast plains and the Andes Range with the Aconcagua Mountain (6,959 m), the highest peak in the western hemisphere.

From Jujuy to Tierra del Fuego, this mountain range displays a rich variety of sceneries: from the northeastern plateau with its desert valleys, creeks and multicolored hills to the lakes, woods and glacier areas in Patagonia.

On the northeast, the coastal area located between the Parana and Uruguay rivers shows low hills, lakes and marshes. On the subtropical forest we can admire the Iguazu Falls, one of the most spectacular natural phenomena. The center of the country is made of pampas plains and long beaches on the Atlantic coast.

Argentina can be visited all year round due to its varied cultural activities, different landscapes, adventure sports, fishing and its important tourist infrastructure.

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