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He believes that a family-oriented company is key to success. Clients should be treated like friends. And he noticed that my attitude was similar. I am determined to do my best and jump as high as possible.IWC Portuguese Replica I want to do what no one has done before and that means taking responsibility. While I do not want to disappoint my supporters, I know I cannot party without my training.

2016 Rio Olympics - Men's High Jump Victory Ceremony - Olympic Stadium - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 17/08/2016. Mutaz Essa barshim, Qatar poses with his second medal. REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

How can you keep your focus on the track with so many people watching?

I try to stay cool. My coach helps me keep my feet on the ground. I enjoy meeting people, traveling, and seeing new things. He reminds me to not get distracted by the excitement and reminds me to stay focused. He is a great communicator and I listen to him.

Your father was an athlete, and a coach. Was he a major influence on you?

My dad is what inspired me to start athletics. When I was young, he was a middle distance runner. It was a great experience. As a child, I was amazed to see him on television.rolex replica watches It lit the fire in me to become an athlete, and my father has been supportive of me every since. But I wanted something more than he. When I began training, I was 12 years old. At first, it was just for getting out of school. But, when I turned 16, I took it seriously.

You sound like an all-rounder. Did you ever realize you could jump?

Everything came together when I was 17 and I qualified for the World Indoor Championships. My jump was 2.09m. After I graduated from high school, I focused my efforts on sports professionally and continued to improve. After I was seen on the court dunk basketballs, my coach said that I could run 2.30m. I was a little skeptical, but I began training and won the IAAF World U20Championships three months later. That was my breakthrough moment.

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