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Replica IWC Pilot

What is your form right now? And what can we expect of you in London in August.

My coach is extremely happy with how I am training now, and we are on time.Replica IWC Pilot I feel confident. I am coming to London to break records and to jump as high as I can. I love the pressure and the challenge -- it's what I love and makes me jump higher and harder.

Replica IWC Pilot's competitors have worn their watches on the track in the past to break the rules. Are you a rule-breaker?

It's great that they did that. To be noticed, you need to create buzz. Yes, I do enjoy a little rule-breaking - but only in a positive way.

Are you guilty of any bad habits?

I am always on the move and don't party too hard.patek philippe replica I need to sleep, and I don't like staying up late. I'm usually in my bedroom early and at meetings watching movies. I love animations. This is me, I am a simple man.

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